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Thank you for entering my homepage. What you see is some of the great friends that I have made in the past 20 years of my life. Some are in Japan and some are somewhere other than Japan.

But this homepage has a lot more information about our band, "Cosmic Boy"

Feel free to look around. There is not much.... but it's not like i have very little friends or anything!

And there is something that I love to do as well, watch movies and critic them. So to the people who live in a country where some of the movies come late, you can ckeck out my latest movies reviews. You can read them and add to what I have said.

Just take a look.

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Band Members:learn more about "Cosmic Boy" and continue to check out what they're really like.

Original Songs:download some of the "Cosmic Boy" original songs.

Tom's Movie Reviews: my latest movie reviews.

Melissa and Hector's wedding pictures that we all waited for!

Mexico Rules: found out why Mexico is the best place to be. Great people, Great food.....

Chat Room: found out what other people who support Cosmic Boy are up to.

Sign my Guestbook and say stuff.

B'z: to get the latest info about the top rock band in Japan. Tak Matsumoto and Koshi Inaba are B'z.

Steph's Homepage: my friend Steph's homepage. She's got a whole lost of links. And it's her first one, so check it out!

Click here to found out about a band that we use to play with when we were in high school. The band's name is called "Pallm"

Unoffical B'z Homepage -In English- This site provides info on B'z, the nimber one rock band in Japan. There are lyrics in Englsih as well. This site is ENGLISH only.

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