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Movies are rated, 1 star being the worst and 5 stars being the best

Titanic Homepage

Tom's Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Release Date: 12/97
Writen & Directed by: James Camron (director of "T2" "Aliens" "True Lies")
Produced by: John Landau
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Gloria Stuart

The Titanic, there is not I could say but t o give this movie 4 1/2 stars. Written and directed by James Cameron captures a great love story. Itís a classic equation, poor man falls in love with a rich girl, where they teach each other pros and cons of the there social life. 200 million dollars is a great amount in making a movie but every penny was wisely used in very aspect, casting, special effects, music, and etc.
Old Rose (Gloria Stuart) tells is dark story about the people and events on the Titanic. She is trapped in a the world that she hates very much and Jack (Leonardo DeCaprio) there to pull her out of the world that is caving in on her.
My god....... James Horner winning an Oscar for his original score for the movie touches the audience in every moment, happy and sad. Brilliant!
Actually I saw the movie 3 times and all three time I cried. You canít help feeling sad about the twoís situation, but what would you do! You really canít do anything.
But thanks to Jack and know how society works he was one of the to stay on the ship. If it wasnít for Jack, Rose would have not made it alive.
For all the dudes out there, take a girl friend or a girlfriend and you should let your feminine side out! If you donít cry you need to see somebody about it! Love is something that nobody can take away from you and Jack and Rose had love on there side.

Tom's Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Release Date: 9/97
Directed by: Mimi Leder
Produced by: Walter Parkes & Branko Lustig
Starring: George Clooney & Nicole Kidman

"The Peacemaker" staring a cocky Greoge Clooney and the aways beautiful Nicole Kidman (luck Tom Criuse).
Well to start the review, I'll give this movie 3 1/2 stars. This anothe movie is based on the classic hollywood equation, good guys vs. bad guys, and the good guy go throught many obsticle to stop or defeat the bad guys.
Clooney play a military general, Kidnam plays a nuclear weapon's specialist. You probably figured it out..... some bad guy steals nuclear device to blow up something, and if you guess that you are rigth.
Clooney and Kidman makes a great team of figuring out what the terrorist are up to. The terrorist are determon to get a nuclear device to show how there cause is mighter than anybody's life.
The movie is packed with actoin and supence. I recommend this movie to all you action "freeks."

The Alien Resurrection Homepage

Tom's Rating: 4 Stars

Release Date: 12/97
Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Produced by: Bill Badalato
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, & Michael Wincott

Hey,hey here is another installment of the "Alien" series! Oh Yeah! Ripply (Sigourney Weaver) is back. You might is think that she died with an alien in here when she fell in the red hot liquid but she didn't. This time she is biologically engeneered by scientist to harvest aliens. The scientist want to do this because they thought they would be able to train them and use them as a new weapons. But they thought wrong!
This time the alien are smarter, and even faster. They swim and climb as well as bite hard! It's hard to understand the movie if have not seen the first three "Alien" movies. So if you didn't see them go rent them.
The special effects of the movie are AWSOME! The fast moving aliens are well taken by the director with the hand held cameras. So if you are somewhere and you are bored and you want some classic alien madness this is a movie that you would want to see. I give this film 4 stars!

The Fifth Element Homepage

Tom's Rating: 5 stars

Release Date: 4/97
Directed by: Luc Besson
Produced by: Patrice Ledoux
Starring: Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, and Chris Tucker

Luc Besson, one of the most noticed science fiction director of our time now brings us an awsome movie called the "The Fifth Element." Oh my god this movie gets 5 stars because every aspect of the movie fits in perfectly!
Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), plays a retired major and has one more job that he has to do, save the world. Having the pressure of saving the world he keeps getting calls from his mother, that just pisses Dallas off and another thing is he has to protect the "surpreme being," Leeloo (Milla Jovovic), who can't speak a single word of english. But once the communication barrier has been broken the movie takes off for a ride that you will never forget.
Gary Oldman (Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg) plays another bad guy trying to get the stones for the dark planet witch will destroy the earth unless Dallas is not successful of bring the Fifth Element back to the temple. The other four elements are Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Leeloo is the fifth element completing a weapon that will destroy the dark planet from crashing into the earth. What is the fifth element? I bet you would like to know but I can't give you that information.... go see it! So if you are into Bruce Willis and his excellent action acting this is the movie for you! You will be ahhhed by the special effects, it's nothing that you will ever see.

The Air Force One Homepage

Tom's Rating:4 1/2 stars

Release Date: 7/97
Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen (director of "Outbreak" and "In the Line of Fire"
Produced by: Wolfgang Petersen, Armyan Bernstein, Gail Katz, and Jonathan Shestack
Starring: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, and Gary Oldman

I must say that this movie was great. It had everything that was needed to make a perfect action thriller film.
Harrinson Ford is back playing the president of the United States (James Marshall). When attending a confrence in Moscow he said to the people of the world that the United States is NOT going to nigociate with terrorists. And the great part about that was that the president actually kept his word. But after the confrence a group of terrorist, working with an Secret Service Agent,were able to pose as reporters, hijacking Air Force One.
The terrorist leader, played by none other than Gary Oldman's demands were simple. Release the Russian Regeme leader General Radek. But things don't work as planned for the terrorist. Little did they know that the president served his country, recieving metals.
Wolfgang Petersen captures the terror of each and ever one of us when somebody who is suppose to be on your side turns again you. And the power of family and the love for a cause will take a man very far. But good will always be one top, no matter what happens.
The reason I give movie 4 1/2 stars is because, everybody would agree with me when I say "the end sucked...." Well if have not seen this film go see it, it's a heart-stopping, nale biting, movie. Go and see it today!

The Con Air Homepage

Tom's Rating:5 stars

Release Date: 6/97
Directed by: Simon West
Produced by: Jerry Bruckheimer, Perter Bogart, Chad Oman, Kennt Bates, & Jeff Levine
Starring: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich, and Ving Rhames

I when to see this movie because of the cast and the productoin team. I figure when I ever see the name Jerry Bruckheimer I think that the film will have a lot of action. Just think of the Jerry Bruckheimer as the american version of John Woo. I was suprised that Micheal Bay didn't direct this film. Bruckheimer and Bay make the perfect team but not this time.

Con Air, is a movie that is packed with action that naver stops. Cages plays Camron Poe who got jail time for getting into a fight and ending up killing somebody to protect his wife. After severing his time he was arranged to be taken by plane and to be reliesed. But he got on the plane with the worst of the worst. The plane's cargo was Ciprus "the Virus" Grissom (John Malkovich), Nathan "Diamond Dog" Jones (Ving Rhames), and Steve Buscemi as Garland "The Marietta Mangler" Greene, This convicts sever more than one life senteces. Scary......but the leader Ciprus take over the plane and hijacks "Jail Bird" now called "ConAir"
Take a seat with the bad guys and take a side on the good guy, put your tray tables to there up right possition, bukle you seat bealt and come for the rice of your life. I give you 5 stars for Con Air. Bruckheimer is the bomb as an action thriller movie producer! Go see it!!!

The Full Monty Homepage

Tom's Rating:4 stars

Release Date: 9/97
Directed by: Peter Cattaneo
Produced by: Uberto Pasolini
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, Steve Huison, & Tom Wilkinson

I have to say that this is one of better comedy movies i've seen in a while. I think that this is the sencond movie that is out from the the British next to "Bean." That movie had it's taste but "The Fully Monty" has its own humor.
It's about five guy needing jobs and all of them are out of luck, when Gaz come up with a plan to strip to get some money into his pockets. But some of his friends are not too interested. They have try out to figure out who would lead and who would follow. Some had talent to dance but too shy, others had big....... (you know) but couldn't dance but they got around that.
"The Full Monty" meaing "completly nude" they where out to give there friend a time of there lives.
I couldn't not stop laughing but I think if I knew more about the British society I would of gotten more of the jokes. It was hard to figure out what they were saying at first but you'll get use to it.
So if you in the mood for some good comedy this is a movie for everybody!

The My Best Friend's Wedding Homepage

Tom's Rating: Not Yet Rated

Release Date: 6/97
Directed by: P.J. Hogan
Produced by: Jerry Zucker, Ronald Bass, Gil Netter, Patricia Whitcher
Starring: Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz

The Face Off Homepage

Tom's Rating: 5 stars

Release Date: 6/97
Directed by: John Woo
Produced by: David Permut, Barrie M. Osborne, Terence Chang, & Christopher Godsick
Starring: John Travolta, & Nicholas Cage

Another installment from the brilliant action movie director brings us "Face Off." I think John Woo's work gets better and better with more and more original ideas. This man, I have to say, aways provides the audience more that we pay for. Every movie that he as done gets better. Oh, did I mention his movies gets better and better......!
Right off the bat this movie gets 5 stars. John Travolta and Nicholas Cage brings us there best. Travolta plays a FBI agent and Cage play a "real bad guy." But after Travolta gets the man he wants he ends up of putting Cage's character usconcious. Travolta needs important information from him about a bomb that will level a couple city blocks.
As we know the FBI and the government has some kind of secert experiment that will get Trovolta on the other side to figure out where the bomb is.
The title of the movie is "Face Off" so they literary take each other's faces off and put them on each others. Now Trovolta gets Cage's face while Cage is still unconsious. But Cage comes out and figures he could be Travolta's character. Yes I know it is complicated but you'll get it once you see the movie.
I recomend this movie to all you John Woo fans. It's just doesn't get better that this!

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